We Rent Hiking Gear WhistlerWe are proud to be Whistler's best source for snowshoeing information and snowshoe rentals. Whether you want to get out for an afternoon or several days, we will equip you properly for Whistler's amazing snowshoe trails. Perfect for Whistler, our snowshoes come in a variety of sizes  and styles.  From the hard core mountain hikers we have MSR Evo Ascent snowhoes perfect for steep and long treks through the mountains.  For the more relaxing, day-trips we have Bigfoot snowshoes in a variety of sizes.

Whistler Snowshoeing

  Steep, Short, Dog Friendly TrailBlueberry Trail  Easy, Dog Friendly Snowshoe TrailBrandywine Falls  Easy, Dog Friendly Snowshoe TrailCheakamus River  Challenging, Long Snowshoe TrailElfin Lakes  Steep, Short, Dog Friendly TrailFlank Trail  Challenging, Long Snowshoe TrailJoffre Lakes  Easy, Dog Friendly Snowshoe TrailNairn Falls  Easy, Dog Friendly Snowshoe TrailParkhurst Ghost Town  Challenging, Long Snowshoe TrailRainbow Falls  Challenging, Long Snowshoe TrailRainbow Lake  Easy, Dog Friendly Snowshoe TrailRainbow Park  Challenging, Long Snowshoe TrailTaylor Meadows  Easy, Dog Friendly Snowshoe TrailTrain Wreck  Challenging, Steep Snowshoe TrailWedgemount Lake

Whistler & Garibaldi Hiking

Easy Hiking Trail WhistlerAlexander Falls  Moderate Hiking Trail Whistler Dog FriendlyAncient Cedars  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerBlack Tusk  Pay Use Hiking Trail WhistlerBlackcomb Mountain  Easy Hiking Trail WhistlerBrandywine Falls  Moderate/Hard Hiking Trail Whistler Dog FriendlyBrandywine Meadows  Moderate/Hard Hiking Trail Whistler Dog FriendlyBrew Lake  Easy Hiking Trail WhistlerCallaghan Lake  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerCheakamus Lake  Whistler Hiking Trail EasyCheakamus River  Whistler Hiking Trail HardCirque Lake  Whistler Hiking Trail EasyFlank Trail  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerGaribaldi Lake  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerGaribaldi Park  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerHelm Creek  Moderate Hiking Trail Whistler Dog FriendlyJane Lakes  Joffre Lakes Hike in Whistler in SeptemberJoffre Lakes  Moderate Hiking Trail Whistler Dog FriendlyKeyhole Hot Springs  Hiking Trail Hard Dog FriendlyLogger’s Lake  Whistler Hiking Trail EasyMadeley Lake  Moderate/Hard Hiking Trail Whistler Dog FriendlyMeager Hot Springs Easy Hiking Trail WhistlerNairn Falls  Whistler Hiking Trail HardNewt Lake  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerPanorama Ridge  Easy Hiking Trail WhistlerParkhurst Ghost Town  Hiking Trail ModerateRainbow Falls  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerRainbow Lake  Moderate/Hard Hiking Trail Whistler Dog FriendlyRing Lake  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerRusset Lake  Whistler Hiking Trail EasySea to Sky Trail  Easy Hiking Trail WhistlerSkookumchuck Hot Springs  Easy Hiking Trail WhistlerSloquet Hot Springs  Moderate/Hard Hiking Trail Whistler Dog FriendlyMount Sproatt  Moderate Hiking Trail WhistlerTaylor Meadows  Whistler Hiking Trail EasyTrain Wreck  Hiking Trail Hard - Whistler TrailsWedgemount Lake  Pay Use Hiking Trail WhistlerWhistler Mountain

We proudly rent the best gear, at the best prices, and with the best service!  Our prices include free delivery & pickup anywhere in Whistler! What type or size of footwear will work with snowshoes? Whatever you're most comfortable wearing should work just fine! Our snowshoes are equipped with a dual-ratchet binding system, as well as a fully adjustable heel strap. The lengths of the binding straps are proportional to the size of the snowshoes, so larger snowshoes are designed to accommodate larger footwear. This makes it very easy to use your snowshoes with virtually any style of footwear.  Why do we have so many different sizes? Each size of snowshoe is designed to support a specific weight range. The surface area of the snowshoe platform provides the flotation you need across a broad range of snow conditions. Selecting a size that is too small for you will mean that you’ll sink more deeply into the snow than you would in the right size snowshoe. As well, larger sizes are made with thicker tubing to handle the stresses of heavier weights.

MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes, Poles and Carry/Storage Pack.

Prices include free delivery & pickup anywhere in Whistler. Steel traction rails and brake bars are molded directly into snowshoe decks for a secure grip. 3-strap bindings deliver ample, freeze-resistant and glove-friendly security, easily accommodating a wide range of footwear. Injection-molded plastic deck withstands abusive conditions, plus adds unique torsional flex for a deep purchase. Heel lifts give your calves a break on steep terrain.

Backcountry-Ready Kit: All-terrain snowshoes and pack-friendly poles make this kit ideal for winter hikers exploring Whistler and Garibaldi Park.

Confident Foot Control: Evo Ascent Snowshoes feature our secure TriFit™ bindings, edge-to-edge traction, and our Televator™ heel lifts for conserving energy on the steeps.

Cascade Mountain Twist Lock Poles: Strong, three-section poles pack down easily and feature extended EVA foam grips, anti-shock and lightweight.

Carry/Storage Pack: Built with rugged coated nylon panels to resist abrasion, and a wide-mouth roll-top for easy access to contents. Features a removable foam seat, internal zippered pocket, hydration compatibility, and loops for pole attachments.

Bigfoot Elite Series Snowshoes

We also carry the Bigfoot Elite Series, a lightweight, high performance snowshoe. The combination of top quality materials and sleek ergonomic design improve stability and maneuverability while providing all day comfort you expect from a snowshoe. The tapered design permits a more natural stride under any winter condition allowing for longer hikes. The Hypalon decking provides energetic rebounding while the two extra Snow-Trac side crampons allow you to tackle a wide range of terrain

We bring the best to you and at bargain prices. Why? Because we love Whistler, love hiking, love camping and we are passionate about hiking in Whistler. We will do everything in our power to make you have the most amazing hiking and camping trip of your life. And it starts with getting you the best gear, prepacked and delivered to you, without you having to spend a fortune buying gear. You can rent individual items or entire hiking/camping kits. Whatever your need, we have what you need to get you on the trail!

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How to Rent Hiking/Camping Gear in Whistler.. the easy way!

1. Figure out the gear you would like and book through our reservation system. We will send you a confirmation of the booking and make sure we know where to deliver your gear for you when you get to Whistler. If you have to cancel, give us as much warning as you can, but don't worry as you can cancel up to the day before your booking with no penalty.

2. We deliver anywhere in Whistler and even the Rubble Creek trailhead to Garibaldi Park!  We will be waiting for you at the trailhead when you arrive or if you are staying in Whistler at a hotel, condo, AirBnB, etc we will deliver and pick up right to your door.  If you prefer, we are happy to deliver to your hotel's Front Desk or Bell Desk before your arrival to make your vacation even more worry free!

3. Hike into paradise to some of the best hiking trails Whistler has to offer, with the best quality and highest rated hiking gear money can buy! We are pretty relaxed about returning rental gear late, let us know by text or email. Sometimes, depending on availability we can give you a courtesy extension or extend your rental by our daily rate. Please be sure to return everything you rented in good condition. You are responsible for replacing anything that does not come back and even little things can be expensive. You are also responsible for any damage beyond reasonable use, so take care of the gear please. We don't expect anything to come back clean and tidy, but only in the same working order as when you received it.

How we work... and other frequently asked questions

Q: What else do I need to bring if I rent one of your complete camping kits?

A: Your clothes, food and water. We have thought of everything for you so you don't have to worry about anything but having the time of your life! Make sure you bring warm clothes for the cool alpine weather and a water bottle to fill from the glacier fed streams!

Q: How good is the quality of your rental gear?

A: Our gear is specially selected from the highest rated, best quality and newest gear on the market. The difference between a cheap backpack and our backpacks is astounding. Your comfort and enjoyment are drastically reduced by cheap, old and worn gear. Our gear is the best of the best on the market!

Q: What happens if I damage or lose something?

A: We are very forgiving on reasonable damage and wear and tear, however beyond that we will charge for replacement cost or repair cost. Our gear is very durable and high quality, so with normal use and care it is very difficult to damage. Just let us know what happened and can likely sort it out with a minimum cost.

Q: We want to hit the trail at 5am, do you deliver that early?

A: We deliver anytime and anywhere in Whistler. In most cases we can drop off your gear to your hotel the night before you go so you can play with and pack your gear beforehand.

Q: Your gear is pretty high-tech, will we have trouble using it?

A: We include user guides to any tricky-to-use gear. For example, when you open our compact stove system you will see the instruction for use. If you would like a preview of our gear check out the Youtube links above for user reviews and get excited!

Q: Do you offer a locals discount?

A: Of course! In our reservation system under Book Now, click Apply Promo or Voucher and enter: local. If you miss this step, don't worry as we will likely catch it and add it for you.

Please treat our gear well. If you keep it in great condition, we can keep renting it out at budget rates. If you bring it back on time and in good condition, you may find that you get a bigger and bigger discount every time you rent from us. Have fun in paradise!

Whistler Hiking Trail Info at HikeInWhistler.com

Whistler & Garibaldi Park Hiking Gear Rental

Rent Hiking Gear in WhistlerBuying hiking gear is expensive, time consuming and confusing. Let us do the work for you. We have the best quality and highest rated hiking gear on the market, and bring it to you at unbeatable prices. We rent individual items or complete hiking and camping kits. Our complete kits for one or two people consist of everything you need to hike in Whistler except clothes, food and water! Reserve today and hike into paradise! Whether you are short one backpack for your group or need to fully outfit everyone, we have you covered. We rent all the best, highest rated hiking gear you will need to enjoy hiking in and around Whistler and Garibaldi Provincial Park. We are proud to offer the best gear at the best prices. Fully equip yourself with backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, sleeping pillow, complete MSR Windburner cooking stove system(stove, fuel, pot, cup, fork, spoon and coffee press), first aid kit, camp towel, knife and trekking poles. All you have to bring is food, water and clothes! We put all the fun back into hiking and remove the boring and expensive parts. We will deliver your full set of hiking gear, packed and ready to hike. You then hit the trail into paradise for a night.. or two.. or more, call us when you get home and we will pick up everything. You don't have to worry about figuring out what to pack or buying expensive equipment.

Whistler and Garibaldi Park Hiking Gear Rental

We bring the best to you and at bargain prices. Why? Because we love Whistler, love hiking, love camping and we are passionate about hiking in Whistler. We will do everything in our power to make you have the most amazing hiking and camping trip of your life. And it starts with getting you the best gear, prepacked and delivered to you, without you having to spend a fortune buying gear. You can rent individual items or entire hiking/camping kits. Whatever your need, we have what you need to get you on the trail! Have a look at what we have to rent here!