Blackcomb Mountain Trails are Very NiceBlackcomb Mountain holds an impressive and ever growing array of hiking trails. From the moment you step off the Solar Coaster chairlift and you arrive at the Rendezvous Lodge, you see hiking trails ascend into the distance. The Rendezvous Lodge is home to a cafeteria style restaurant, a fine dining restaurant, gift shops, washrooms, and quite a lot else. Whether you are doing a long hike or just one of the short ones, stopping here before and after for a meal and/or a beer is almost essential.

  • Little effort, amazing alpine scenery
  • Easily escape the crowds by hiking longer trails
  • Rendezvous Lodge is great for dining/drinking
  • Accessing alpine terrain beyond trails is easy & spectacular
  • Rarely hiked route to Russet Lake lays beyond marked trails
  • Bivouacking beyond marked trails is amazing
  • Camping is not welcome

Blackcomb Mountain has come alive with beautiful hiking trails in recent years.  With the 2008 addition of the Peak 2 Peak Gondola which connects Blackcomb to Whistler, the demand for mountain trails is higher than ever.  A dozen years ago, you would just have had some rough hiking trails to follow, and not many hikers to follow them.  Now you have mapboards, trail signs, viewpoint seating areas and six popular, named trails to hike. Highlights of hiking the Black Tusk trail are: high alpine meadows, wildflowers, spectacular mountain views, Blackcomb Mountain, exhilarating and one of a kind destination.  Close up look at geological formations.

The majority of the Blackcomb Mountain trails are easy and relaxing, however the Decker Loop Trail at the far end of Blackcomb is very challenging and spectacularly scenic.  For the most part, you will find yourself winding through a nice alpine forest scattered with enormous fields of erratics leading to one great viewpoint after another.  You can hike for as little as 15 minutes or more than 3 hours, depending on the trail or trails you choose to follow.  Blackcomb Lake and Blackcomb Peak that looms far above it are the most popular destinations for hikers and getting there and back can be done in a couple hours. The trails begin at the Rendezvous Lodge at the heart of Blackcomb Mountain.  You have two ways to get here and both require paying for access to WhistlerBlackcomb Resort.  An adult day pass is $52.95 and a pass good for the whole summer is just $81.95.  These give you access to all the chair lifts and gondolas that access hiking trails as well as the Peak 2 Peak Gondola.

Blackcomb Trails Range from Easy to ChallengingThere are two ways to go up or down the mountains and a good idea is to use one way up and another way down to add to the variety.  A good way to start up the mountain is to begin by taking the Wizard Express chairlift in the Upper Village.  The Upper Village is where you find some of the more luxurious hotels in Whistler.  The Fairmont and the Four Seasons are located in the Upper Village.  If you are staying in Whistler Village, the Upper Village is just a short and very scenic, 10 minute walk away.  Also in the Upper Village in the summer months you will find several kid friendly activities such as trampolines, mini go-carts, a human maze, mini golf, horse riding, and quite a lot more.

The Alpine Walk Trail on BlackcombThe Alpine Walk Trail is your first section of this larger trail.  It consists of a 1.6k(1mile) loop trail that takes you from the Rendezvous Lodge to the alpine to view of the Fitzsimmons Valley that separates Blackcomb and Whistler mountains.  This easy trail winds through huge fields of boulders and mangled alpine trees to a beautiful viewpoint area amongst the enormous erratics overlooking the valley below.  In the distance you will see Whistler Mountain and clearly visible ski runs and snowy mountains beyond.  Lots of trail signs direct you to either circle back to the Rendezvous Lodge or continue further along the Overlord Trail. 

The Overlord Trail on BlackcombThe Overlord Trail continues along the edge of Blackcomb Mountain and the scenic alpine forest that surrounds it.  Overlord then runs another 1.6k(1 mile) to the far end of Blackcomb before entering Garibaldi Provincial Park.  An unmarked route continues into Garibaldi Provincial Park, however this route is only recommended for advanced hikers as there are no trail signs and getting lost is very easy here.  A better/easier route into Garibaldi Provincial Park is found on the Whistler side, where signs and mapboards direct you all the way.  This is the very old and very loved, Singing Pass trail that begins next to the bus stop at the base of Whistler Mountain(close to Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub). Along the Overlord Trail you will come to two loop trails.  The first one is the Lakeside Loop Trail.  This moderately challenging trail takes you to Blackcomb Lake, a beautiful little alpine lake at the base of Blackcomb Peak.  This crystal clear lake sits at the base of a hostile looking valley of boulders on one side and green meadows on the other.  You often see a couple people braving the cold water for a swim and there is a huge erratic out in the lake perfect for laying in the sun.

Decker Mountain trail on BlackcombThe second loop trail off of the Overlord Trail is the Decker Loop Trail.  This is the only steep and challenging trail in the area and takes you high up on the ridge along Decker Mountain. This trail will get you the best views of Overlord Glacier in the distance. The layout of the Blackcomb Trails give you essentially three routes to choose from that you start and finish at the Rendezvous Lodge.  The short and easy, Alpine Walk loop trail.  At just 1.6k, this gives you a quick and easy look at some beautiful views from Blackcomb Mountain.  This route can be done in well under an hour.  The second route takes the Alpine Walk trail to the Overlord Trail, then up Lakeside Loop to Blackcomb Lake then back around to the Overlord Trail and back to the Rendezvous Lodge.  Moderately challenging, this route is about 6 kilometres roundtrip and takes about 2-3 hours to hike.  This is a very popular route as it not too short and not too long. The third route is to take the Alpine Walk Trail, continue onto the Lakeside Loop Trail, then down to the Overlord Trail, then up along the Decker Loop Trail, then return by the Overlord Trail.  This is moderately challenging except for the very steep Decker Loop section is about 9.5 kilometres roundtrip and takes about 3-5 hours to hike.  This is popular trail for those looking for a longer hike to the best views.  Challenging and very scenic. More info on hiking Blackcomb, click here.

Blackcomb Mountain view of Whistler - Rent Hiking Gear Whistler and Vancouver

More Great Hiking Around Blackcomb

Blackcomb is a great place to hike surrounded by quite a lot of other great hiking opportunities. Whistler Mountain is accessible via the same lift pass you purchase for Blackcomb and you can ride the Peak to Peak Gondola back and forth between mountain as much as you want. Whistler Mountain trails range from short to quite long, and you can even hike beyond Whistler Mountain for several kilometres into Garibaldi Provincial Park. Russet Lake is a nice alpine paradise that sits at the base of the Fissile, the unmistakable peak easily visible from Whistler Village. If you look up and see the Peak to Peak Gondola in the distance, you will see a pyramid looking mountain. White in the winter and rust coloured the rest of the year. There is a great campground at Russet Lake and even a cute mountain hut, free to use, no reservations. The adventurous can hike beyond Russet Lake via an unmarked alpine route to connect to the Blackcomb Mountain trails. Many take the Singing Pass trail instead, which cuts down the valley between Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, returning you to Whistler Village. If you are keen there is also an unmarked route that extends down from Russet Lake in a fairly direct heading down to Singing Creek on the shore of Cheakamus Lake.

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