Ancient Cedars is a nice, easy/moderate 2.5 kilometre(1.6 mile) hiking trail on the far side of Cougar Mountain, just 10.8 kilometres north of Whistler Village . A small, untouched grove of huge western red-cedars hidden high up in the wilderness. Often overlooked by hikers, certainly there are other groves of massive cedars found in other Whistler area hikes. If you hike the short 3 kilometre trail to Cheakamus Lake and you will marvel at the size, frequency and wonderful aroma of these massive and numerous giant cedars.  

  • Easy & pretty trail to impressively huge & ancient trees
  • A quick, far feeling escape from civilisation
  • A relatively quiet hiking trail that is dog friendly!
  • Serene backcountry, drive-in camping for free
  • Lots of mosquitoes in July & August
  • ATV activity throughout the region disturbs the serenety
  • The access logging road is brutally potholed

The Wedgemount Lake trail also has some majestic cedars along the hike. You can even walk through an impressive grove of huge cedars on the Valley Trail at the north end of the Whistler Golf Club.  None of them compare, however, to the Ancient Cedars giants. They are extraordinarily huge and some are estimated to be a thousand years old.  Most of these giants stretch toward the sky, but some lay along the forest floor giving you an even closer grasp of their size.  If you bring kids along, they will disappear into the endless, natural playground.

Ancient Cedars is great to visit in the spring and fall months as you rarely see people and never feel mosquitoes. The problem is the trailhead is up a long way into the mountains and snow at this elevation persists until April and sometimes May. Snow, along with the steep access road make driving to the trailhead impossible for most cars until it disappears. Summer is great for seeing Ancient Cedars and Showh Lakes in particular. If you have a 4x4, you can drive right to the shores of Showh Lakes and crack a beer with little chance of humanity disturbing you. If you don't have a 4x4, you can make it to a short walk to the lakes and if you have some sort of inflatable boat or canoe, you will find yourself in paradise. Floating in a mirror under a blue sky, surrounded by deep and wild forest.

The trailhead to Ancient Cedars is just a short drive north of Whistler. Just past Green Lake on Highway 99, you turn left on Cougar Mountain Rd and drive 4.5 kilometres up a bumpy logging road. As logging roads go it is not bad.  If you are driving a car you should be OK as long as you take it slow. The Ancient Cedars trail is well marked and well worn and only gradually uphill for the 2.5 kilometre hike, trailhead to ancient forest. At the Ancient Cedars forest there is a short circle trail that takes you throughout the giants then leads you back to the main trail for the return journey.

Ancient Cedars is a free & dog friendly hiking trailThe whole trail takes you through the tranquil and remote forest that hides up on the far side of Cougar Mountain. Cougar Mountain is home to TAG and Superfly Ziplines. The rows of atv's you will pass while driving up the Cougar Mountain Forest Service Road will belong to TAGSuperfly Ziplines is worth a look here too as they boast the "Longest, highest, fastest ziplines in Canada." The whole 5.1 kilometre(3.2 mile) Ancient Cedars roundtrip should take you less than three or four hours. Unlike most other Whistler hiking trails, Ancient Cedars is dog friendly.  Unfortunately snow makes the road undrivable much of the year, so you can only reliably get up there around mid June to early to mid November. The main attraction to the Ancient Cedars trail is of course the monster cedars at the end of the trail. The trail itself is scenic and at least a couple times the forest opens up to some great views of the Soo Valley and snow capped mountains beyond. With the trail improvements in late 2013, you will now find more trail signs and kilometre markers. Some interpretive information about the beautiful forest around and above you, as well as some strategically placed benches to sit and appreciate the grandeur of the trees.

Fishing at Showh Lakes near Ancient CedarsThe obvious draw of Ancient Cedars trail tends to make hikers overlook the connecting trail to Showh Lakes. After hiking to Ancient Cedars, halfway along the trail take the connecting trail to Showh Lakes(sometimes known as Showh Lake and Cougar Lake). The trail runs along the left side of the larger lake on your right and then veers left, crosses a creek and circles around the smaller lake on your left where it connects with the logging road and Showh Lakes parking area.  You can either follow the road back to your car at the Ancient Cedars trailhead or continue rounding this smaller Showh Lake and rejoin the main trail you came in on and hike back to your car. Showh Lakes are very remote and wild feeling lakes which certainly ads to their draw as fishing lakes.  They are stocked with trout every year and your average summer day will find a couple fly fishermen out on the water floating inside those funny little one-man rubber float tubes having a great time catching lots of fish. Swimming is not the best at Showh Lakes, however, the wonderful remote setting more than makes up for the lack of inviting beach.

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History of Ancient Cedars

Back in the late 1980's workers building a bike trail on the lower part of Cougar Mountain discovered a small grove of stunningly enormous Western Red Cedars.  Several noted at the time were over 10 feet in diameter.  Core samples were taken and indicated that the trees were likely close to 1000 years old. The Douglas Firs in the grove were similarly ancient and estimated to be no less than 650 years old.  Suddenly it became evident that word of these monsters would reach the logging companies and the magnificent ancient grove would be turned into lumber.

On March 25th, 1988 a meeting was held in Squamish between the Forest Service(logging interests) and the Pocket Wilderness Coalition(a group dedicated to preserving this ancient forest).  The PWC came with two requests: to protect the Cougar Mountain and Rainbow Mountain areas and prevent logging activity, road building and other development on these two mountains.  Predictably the local Forest Service Operations Manager, Don Kinnear refused.  Kinnear went on to inform the PWC that logging permits have already been issued for Cougar Mountain and logging would commence as soon as weather permits.  Worried that Mr Kinnear would speed up logging in the area in order to destroy the ancient forest and therefore avoid further opposition, the PWC asked to be notified when new logging plans were submitted to the Forest Service.  Kinnear refused, and some argued that this went against his professed goal of keeping the public involved.  

We can be grateful to the PWC's relentless effort.  Against all odds it seems, they prevailed.  Cougar Mountain, with Ancient Cedars nestled high up in the beautiful wilderness, remains today.  The victory was partly owing to public perceptions of usefulness and profitability from tourism from natural wonders, such as this forest.  Locals in Whistler recount the steady growth of tourism operators around Whistler's third mountain.  So much so, that today the area is home to Ziplines, tree-top adventures, ATVing, snowmobiling, as well as criss-crossed by dozens of hiking and biking trails.  All this development and Ancient Cedars has survived.  The bewilderingly huge ancient cedars are protected and we can watch these monsters continue to grow for generations to come.

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More Great Hiking Around Ancient Cedars

Ancient Cedars is north of Whistler Village and sits effectively at one end of the mighty Rainbow-Sproatt Flank Trail(aka the Flank Trail). This wonderful trail flanks Whistler Valley for several kilometres. On the Flank Trail you can hike or bike from Ancient Cedars all the way to Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley. Along this route, you will see few signs of humanity, except far below and across the valley. Known for its amazing vantage point to see Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, this wild and winding trail was once an access road for logging. Often the Flank Trail is a narrow and winding trail, and other parts are wide and flat as a road. The Flank Trail passes over the Rainbow Trail, which is another great trail that extends to the Callaghan Valley, emerging at the idyllic Madeley Lake. The Callaghan Valley is also home to one side of the Sproatt Alpine Trail, Northair Mine, Alexander Falls, Ring Lake, Callaghan Lake, Cirque Lake. Further down the valley you will come to Brandywine Meadows and Brew Lake. The Callaghan Valley is the wild and untamed side of Whistler valley, compared with the busy and rule-driven Whistler, Blackcomb and Garibaldi Park trails.

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