We Rent Snowshoes!

We are proud to be Whistler's best source for snowshoeing information and snowshoe rentals. Whether you want to get out for an afternoon or several days, we will equip you properly for Whistler's amazing snowshoe trails.

Perfect for Whistler, our snowshoes come in a variety of sizes to get you the perfect fit for any conditions. Our snowshoe kit includes snowshoes(with carrying case), telescoping poles and folding snow seat.  We proudly rent the best gear, at the best prices, and with the best service!  Our prices include free delivery & pickup anywhere in Whistler!

What type or size of footwear will work with snowshoes? Whatever you're most comfortable wearing should work just fine! Our snowshoes are equipped with a dual-ratchet binding system, as well as a fully adjustable heel strap. The lengths of the binding straps are proportional to the size of the snowshoes, so larger snowshoes are designed to accommodate larger footwear. This makes it very easy to use your snowshoes with virtually any style of footwear.

Why do we have so many different sizes? Each size of snowshoe is designed to support a specific weight range. The surface area of the snowshoe platform provides the flotation you need across a broad range of snow conditions. Selecting a size that is too small for you will mean that you’ll sink more deeply into the snow than you would in the right size snowshoe. As well, larger sizes are made with thicker tubing to handle the stresses of heavier weights.

The Bigfoot Elite Series offers a lightweight, high performance snowshoe. The combination of top quality materials and sleek ergonomic design improve stability and maneuverability while providing all day comfort you expect from a snowshoe. The tapered design permits a more natural stride under any winter condition allowing for longer hikes. The Hypalon decking provides energetic rebounding while the two extra Snow-Trac side crampons allow you to tackle a wide range of terrain.
FLEXease Bindings:
• Dual ratchet PVC freeze-resistant bindings provide easy and precise adjustment anytime
• Heel strap with quick release buckle and secure foothold
• Pivot band system for energetic rebounding
• Accommodate all footwear sizes and styles
E-lite Frame:
• Lightweight 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame puts less stress on knees and joints allowing for longer treks
• Tapered design permits a more natural stride
• Single piece tubular design increases durability and stability
8 Point Snow-Trac Crampons:
• Heavy duty aluminum provides durability in tough winter conditions
• Nonstick design prevents ice and snow build up
• 8 point front crampon secures each step
• 2 side points ensure full traction on snow crust, ice, and hills
• 6 point rear crampon provides additional maneuverability and stride stability
Hypalon Decking: • UV resistant featherweight Hypalon decking is flexible to -40 degrees Celsius
• Abrasion resistant for added resilience
• Flexibility provides added bounce to each step

How to Rent Hiking/Camping Gear in Whistler.. the easy way!

1. Figure out the gear you would like and book through our reservation system. We will send you a confirmation of the booking and make sure we know where to deliver your gear for you when you get to Whistler. If you have to cancel, give us as much warning as you can.

3. Have your drivers license or passport and a credit card ready when we deliver your gear. If you don’t have these, you’ll need to get someone who does.

4. Sign our rental contract, authorize your credit card for deposit(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or JCB) and hit the trails with your gear!

5. Hike into paradise to some of the best hiking trails Whistler has to offer, with the best quality and highest rated hiking gear money can buy! We are pretty relaxed about returning rental gear late, let us know by text or email. Sometimes, depending on availability we can give you a courtesy extension or extend your rental by our daily rate. Please be sure to return everything you rented in good condition. You are responsible for replacing anything that does not come back and even little things can be expensive. You are also responsible for any damage beyond reasonable use, so take care of the gear please. We don't expect anything to come back clean and tidy, but only in the same working order as when you received it.

How we work... and other frequently asked questions

Q: What else do I need to bring if I rent one of your complete camping kits?

A: Your clothes, food and water. We have thought of everything for you so you don't have to worry about anything but having the time of your life! Make sure you bring warm clothes for the cool alpine weather and a water bottle to fill from the glacier fed streams!

Q: How good is the quality of your rental gear?

A: Our gear is specially selected from the highest rated, best quality and newest gear on the market. The difference between a cheap backpack and our backpacks is astounding. Your comfort and enjoyment are drastically reduced by cheap, old and worn gear. Our gear is the best of the best on the market!

Q: What happens if I damage or lose something?

A: We are very forgiving on reasonable damage and wear and tear, however beyond that we will charge for replacement cost or repair cost. Our gear is very durable and high quality, so with normal use and care it is very difficult to damage. Just let us know what happened and can likely sort it out with a minimum cost.

Q: We want to hit the trail at 5am, do you deliver that early?

A: We deliver anytime and anywhere in Whistler. In most cases we can drop off your gear to your hotel the night before you go so you can play with and pack your gear beforehand.

Q: Your gear is pretty high-tech, will we have trouble using it?

A: We include user guides to any tricky-to-use gear. For example, when you open our compact stove system you will see the instruction for use. If you would like a preview of our gear check out the Youtube links above for user reviews and get excited!

Q: Do you offer a locals discount?

A: Of course! In our reservation system under Book Now, click Apply Promo or Voucher and enter: local. If you miss this step, don't worry as we will likely catch it and add it for you.

Please treat our gear well. If you keep it in great condition, we can keep renting it out at budget rates. If you bring it back on time, clean, and in good condition, you may find that you get a bigger and bigger discount every time you rent from us. Have fun in paradise!

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